Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TrueSun: The New Grow Lights that will Change the Way You Think about LEDs

TrueSun®  LEDs are here to answer the question: what’s the perfect grow light for my space? 

Check out TrueSun lights on our website, or chat now with a product expert to start building your dream setup. 

TrueSun LEDs, the best LED grow lights on Earth (and probably Mars, too)

The wait is over: our new generation of LEDs is here, and these lights are like nothing you’ve seen before.

After months of development and plenty of input from master growers and tech experts alike, TrueSun® LED Grow Lights are now available through our website

TrueSun LEDs come in four sizes, designed and optimized for maximum performance in four popular grow space sizes: so whether you’ve got a 2x2’, 3x3’, 4x4’, or 5x5’ space to work with, you know there’s a TrueSun light specially made to push your harvest to its maximum potential.

TrueSun LEDs will change the way you think about LED grow lights – here’s why:

1. They’re designed to maximize your yield – while minimizing your electric bill.

Everything about these lights is designed for maximum efficiency.

Choosing LED grow lights is already one of the smartest investments you can make in your grow, as you can expect to reduce your electric bill by up to 50% compared to using conventional grow lights (like metal halide or high-pressure sodium bulbs). Not only do they require less wattage to produce powerful plant-loving brightness, but their low operating temperature means you can spend less on dedicated fans and air conditioners (not to mention the ongoing operating costs of cooling equipment).

But how do they grow? Fear not – TrueSun LEDs may be “energy-efficient,” but that doesn’t mean they lack any power as a light source for your indoor garden – they’re just smarter than your typical grow lights, designed and optimized to cover common grow spaces with not a watt wasted. The light boards consist of ultra-powerful 5 watt LED chips, equipped with proprietary secondary lenses that disperse light evenly over the area and penetrate deep into the canopy. No other grow lights are so fine-tuned to deliver maximum performance in your grow tent, making them a perfect choice for home growers.

An added bonus? LEDs help plants grow stacked and compact, which means heavier yields within a smaller space.

2. The TrueSun® Spectrum is time-tested and master grower-approved.

The results growers achieved with our FUSION and FUSION Pro LEDs proved to us that we were on to something special with our proprietary spectrum. Our TrueSun spectrum contains just the right mix of blue, red, and full-spectrum white light to optimize growth all throughout the plant’s life cycle – no need to switch bulbs.

Dedicated switches for Veg and Bloom allow the grower even more control over the spectrum.

A stand-out feature of these LEDs is that all units also have a dedicated switch for UV-A, proven to stimulate resin production and maximize flavor, potency, and aroma. The UV-A diodes are isolated from the other LEDs to prevent degradation.

3. Safety First! Because your harvest shouldn’t go up in smoke until it’s ready. :)

Growing at home is a fun and rewarding hobby, but it’s not without its risks. When it comes to choosing lights to put in your home grow, high temperatures and heavy wattages can not only wreak havoc on your electricity costs, but also create a serious potential for fires.

TrueSun LEDs are ETL and UL listed, meaning they’ve been extensively evaluated for electrical safety. As mentioned, LEDs run cool; lower operating temperatures = less fire risk. Additionally, they have Active Thermal Management which automatically shuts down the unit if internal temperatures reach 150 degrees F. 

4. We stand behind our lights (not literally though – the plants get in the way).

TrueSun LEDs come with a 5-year warranty, among the most competitive policies in the industry – but that’s not all. Lots of LED manufacturers’ warranty policies protect growers and their wallets, but not the living, growing plants that rely on the light to survive – so, we operate by a “No-Downtime Guarantee” to ensure your plants are never left in the dark.

Of course, grower support isn’t just for when things go wrong. We offer expert horticultural support to help growers all along the way, from unboxing your TrueSun light through to your final harvest.

TrueSun means truly a cut above the best LED grow lights - outstanding, sticky, potent harvests, alongside energy savings that pay you back starting with your very first grow. A perfectly tuned grow light to compliment your perfectly-sized home grow with no headaches, heat problems, or hassle of changing bulbs? Yes, you CAN have it all. Check out TrueSun lights on our website, or chat now with a product expert to start building your dream setup. 

And remember, we're always here to help you out. Happy gardening!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Secret Jardin tents and accessories now available from BloomBoss!

BloomBoss is excited to announce we have partnered with Secret Jardin, the #1 grow tent manufacturer in the world, to be the premier distributors of their products in the U.S. This partnership upholds our commitment to providing home growers nothing but the highest quality tools they need to be successful.

P.S. - We have Secret Jardin's industry-leading, growers' favorite Monkey Fans available, too!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Meet our new PowerPanel LED Grow Lights!

2018 is off to a bright start - our best-selling, ultra-efficient PowerPanel LED Grow Light is back and better than ever in two new versionsFrom healthier starts to heartier finishes, you’ll see results you wouldn’t normally expect from such compact grow lights.

BloomBoss TrueSun® PowerPanel LED Grow Light

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

5 Reasons a Home Grow is Perfect for the Holidays (Plus Gift Guide!)

We all have that one avid outdoor gardener friend with such a green thumb that their tables are always laden with their own organic bounties or preserves from the prior season (no? just us?). 

Then there’s the friend who always talks about homesteading, but is bound to their apartment. 

This year, make the dream of gardening year round come true by gifting a friend or loved one with the tools they need for an indoor grow!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Clean Roots Platforms Now Available from BloomBoss!

Exciting product news from the world of BloomBoss: we are now the exclusive nationwide distributor of Clean Roots! Developed by a master cultivator (of @Eastcoasterdam fame on Instagram and Twitter), Clean Roots platforms fit perfectly with our commitment to helping growers produce the cleanest, highest quality medicine and food from their indoor gardens. Read more below about why our partnership is big news for both companies and growers everywhere, and why healthy roots are key for big yields and perfect harvests.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Plants Don't Lie

We love this saying and pretty much live it every waking moment. BloomBoss grow lights were created by and for growers, and it was the growers who love their plants who helped develop the BloomBoss LED light spectrum. We have the perfect balance of red, blue, infrared and full spectrum white lights configured for ultimate canopy penetration.
Aside from being gardener approved, our LED lighting is plant approved. Seedlings, plants in veg and flowering plants reach up and pray under our patented TrueSun® smart technology. We are literally the closest you can get to an indoor sunshine, without all the heat.

TrueSun: The New Grow Lights that will Change the Way You Think about LEDs

TrueSun®  LEDs are here to answer the question: what’s the perfect grow light for my space?  Check out TrueSun lights on our website ,...