Monday, August 14, 2017

Plants Don't Lie

We love this saying and pretty much live it every waking moment. BloomBoss grow lights were created by and for growers, and it was the growers who love their plants who helped develop the BloomBoss LED light spectrum. We have the perfect balance of red, blue, infrared and full spectrum white lights configured for ultimate canopy penetration.
Aside from being gardener approved, our LED lighting is plant approved. Seedlings, plants in veg and flowering plants reach up and pray under our patented TrueSun® smart technology. We are literally the closest you can get to an indoor sunshine, without all the heat.

Gardin (South Weymouth, MA): Hydroponics, Education, and the Latest in Home Grow Technology

In South Weymouth, Massachusetts, only minutes from the highway and a couple exits from the “Route 3 split,” lies the amazing indoor and outdoor gardening shop, Gardin.

"Gardin is an indoor & outdoor garden retail shop that makes growing plants easy and accessible for individuals of all experience levels; whether they are growing in soil, hydroponically or somewhere in-between,” explains proprietor Matt Reisman. “We supply the best products at the best prices to ensure you have everything that you need to fit your budget, grow environment and personal style. It’s our mission to empower individuals to bring life to where they live."

Friday, August 11, 2017

Growing Indoors with UV - The A’s, B’s and C’s

When it comes to UV, it’s all in the letters. UV has long been known to increase the quality and pigment of plants. UV-A and UV-B are used most with indoor growing; however, UV-C light is so destructive that one could go blind by simply looking at it. Even though UV-C has redeeming qualities, they don’t outweigh their destructive ones and it is really only good for sterilization and for the creating of ozone for smell masking.

Getting to Know: The Grow Hub

New to the market, but not to the game, Dan opened The Grow Hub in April of 2016. He’d been managing a restaurant for ten years prior, but had been gardening well before and during that time, basically his whole life. He saw the potential in hydroponics, so one day he just up and quit his job and “went for it.”

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TrueSun: The New Grow Lights that will Change the Way You Think about LEDs

TrueSun®  LEDs are here to answer the question: what’s the perfect grow light for my space?  Check out TrueSun lights on our website ,...