Monday, August 14, 2017

Gardin (South Weymouth, MA): Hydroponics, Education, and the Latest in Home Grow Technology

In South Weymouth, Massachusetts, only minutes from the highway and a couple exits from the “Route 3 split,” lies the amazing indoor and outdoor gardening shop, Gardin.

"Gardin is an indoor & outdoor garden retail shop that makes growing plants easy and accessible for individuals of all experience levels; whether they are growing in soil, hydroponically or somewhere in-between,” explains proprietor Matt Reisman. “We supply the best products at the best prices to ensure you have everything that you need to fit your budget, grow environment and personal style. It’s our mission to empower individuals to bring life to where they live."

Having opened in March, 2016, they’re just under a year old and have much to show for it. It’s a tight knit staff, made up of the owner and a part-time individual, that prioritizes the complete experience each member of their community has over everything else. They’ve built up an outstanding community of people who are part of the Gardin experience in two very special ways. Through the New England Wildlife Center where they are located and through the Grow Meetup, which makes up the educational side of Gardin.
When asked what sets the store apart, Matt answered, “We prioritize the complete experience each member of our community has over everything else. We believe that it is our responsibility to support and inspire passion for gardening in every person who walks through our door.”

It’s all about passion for gardening at Gardin. Matt believes, rightly so, that with the right experience at the store, it can spark that passion for gardening and for growing indoors. For beginners, they do their best to make a new gardener and a new connection. With more experienced patrons, they know that passion is already burning and raise the enthusiasm up another decibel. Matt expounds, “We understand that each individual has unique requirements, budgets, interests and experiences - it’s our responsibility to ensure we understand them so we can support them as much as possible and provide them with all of the information they need to make informed decisions.”
The folks at Gardin are always expanding their knowledge and look brightly forward to the coming day that gardening reaches the mainstream to expand and be seamlessly integrated into the spaces where we live. They’re excited about LED Grow Light advancements, vertical gardening, aeroponics and the application of “Internet of Things” technologies to indoor gardening. They have several BloomBoss LED Grow Light displays in the store and are truly on the cutting edge.

“Our mission is to empower individuals to bring life to where they live,” says Matt. “We believe that there's nothing more significant that we could do than provide the information, inspiration and resources for individuals to Gardin - indoors, in nature and in life.”

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