Friday, September 8, 2017

Clean Roots Platforms Now Available from BloomBoss!

Exciting product news from the world of BloomBoss: we are now the exclusive nationwide distributor of Clean Roots! Developed by a master cultivator (of @Eastcoasterdam fame on Instagram and Twitter), Clean Roots platforms fit perfectly with our commitment to helping growers produce the cleanest, highest quality medicine and food from their indoor gardens. Read more below about why our partnership is big news for both companies and growers everywhere, and why healthy roots are key for big yields and perfect harvests.

This partnership means the award-winning platforms will be easier to order with quicker delivery and enhanced stock under BloomBoss’ vast umbrella.

What are Clean Roots platforms?

Clean Roots are plastic platforms that are placed under plants' growing containers and elevate their roots two inches away from the saucer or tray underneath.

As indoor plants grow, excess water, salts, and nutrient byproducts build up in the bottoms of your growing containers. Not only does sitting in this muck prevent plants from getting sufficient oxygen to their roots, but these harmful leftovers can be reabsorbed and impact your plants' development.

Enter Clean Roots! Clean Roots platforms come in two different sizes for different sized plants, hold up to 200 pounds, and keep the roots two inches away from any runoff water. They drain evenly and keep oxygen circulating. This not only prevents the roots from sitting in old, nutrient fried water, but also keeps the roots clean and aerated.

Healthy Roots = Healthy Fruits

When it comes to growing, what’s going on beneath the plant matter is of deep importance. The bigger, healthier and more oxygenated a root system is, the greater the harvest and overall plant health and appearance. Roots essentially bring water, nutrients and oxygen in to be processed by the plant.

While having a hearty root ball is the name of the game, hearty doesn’t mean hefty. Roots are very sensitive, fragile even, and have tiny micro roots that do so much of the hard work of growing big, beautiful plants.

One of the most common mistakes made, especially for new growers or those using LED grow lights for the first time, is overwatering. It is easier than one might think to “drown” a plant and its roots. When roots are constantly soaked, they can’t breathe, and if they can’t breathe, it’s likely that salts are building up and nutrient uptake is going to go down.

Utilizing these methods to keep clean and healthy root systems aren’t optional at this stage of the game. Growing indoors is a technical and rewarding endeavor and having small harvests and weak roots are inexcusable (okay, they’re excusable, but there must be a learning curve!). Grow big and grow clean, friends!

Clean Roots platforms are available for purchase through, or through your favorite hydroponic reseller.

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