Tuesday, September 5, 2017

GrowSmarT (Randolph, MA) - Meet the Newest BloomBoss Family Member

This week we’re bringing you the skinny on the one and only GrowSmarT hydroponic gardening store.

Freshly opened on June 5th, 2017, owner Jonathan has been growing for over 20 years and calls growing his passion. He and his crew love all aspects of hydroponics and love to talk shop with customers. As a company that supports well informed decision making, we really value this trait in a retail shop. If you can’t engage with your customers, how do you expect them to trust you with their hard-earned money? 

The GrowSmarT crew also makes purchasing decisions by carrying what has worked well for them and those they know. Word of mouth goes far at GrowSmarT - a large part of the reason they started carrying BloomBoss not two months after opening. “[We are] very happy to be carrying them at our store,” said Jonathan. Plus, they love to learn from their customers and what has worked well for them. “This store is for the customers,” added Jonathan. 

A BloomBoss FUSION 600 on display in GrowSmarT - Randolph, MA

Right now, they have two tomato plants under a BloomBoss LED Grow Light and both plants are thriving on display! Jonathan expounded, “The plants have boomed in size. They look much healthier than the HPS light we previously had in the tent. We are having no heat problems and we know it is going to be much more energy efficient.” 

Another thing that’s made the new store already popular are the sales and promotions that they run. This is so they can keep their inventory current with the market, what it produces and what it demands. Jonathan hopes that down the road they can provide classes on the latest trends in growing and technology, but for now, “We are very willing to help and answer any questions our customers have about their grows.” 

They consider their friendly staff and up to the minute inventory to be their strongest points. Outside of those two aspects, the team is focused on building their name and reputation to see where it takes them. Jonathan would rather have one very reputable and successful store than five stores with no “home feeling.” 

If you’re looking for a grow store that looks for customer relationships above transactions and you’re in the Randolph, MA area, look no further than GrowSmarT, where you can expect a friendly welcome and well-informed advice. They are located at 88 North Main Street in Randolph, MA and available by phone at (781) 885-1083. Be sure to visit them on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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